Lego Minifigures The Simpsons Series – How to feel them + Bump Codes

Lego Minifigures The Simpsons Series is awesome!


Bump Codes: 2 Dots


Ned Flanders


Feel for his tool box which is a 1×3 brick with a handle on top. His cup or mug is also distinctive.


Bump Codes: 3 Dots

Apu Nahaspapeemapetilon


Look for his signature piece, the “Squishee” cup, which feels like a fat tube. You may also feel for his large and curved head.



Look for his axe, then head with pointy ears and his rubber tail.

Lisa Simpson


Her saxophone is her key feature. When in doubt, feel for her short legs.

Nelson Muntz


Look for his long smooth baseball bat and short legs.

Marge Simpson


Look for her corn-like hair, bag and a 2×2 tile.

Krusty the Clown


Feel for his head and pointy hair that sticks out to the side. Check for his pie with textured sides to confirm.

Montgomery Burns


Look for the fishbowl which has the same size and shape of a regular Lego minifigure head. You may also check for his rod. Be careful not to confuse it with Chief Wiggum’s stick.

Maggie Simpson


Feel her teddy bear. Her hair and torso are in one piece.

Homer Simpson


Feel for his small round doughnut and 1×2 tile remote control. These items are unique to Homer which makes it easier to identify him.


Bump Codes: 4 Dots


Ralph Wiggum


Look for his 2×2 tile and feel for his round head.


Grampa Simpson


Start by looking for his 2×2 tile, cone-shaped head then his regular adult legs (can be moved independently).

Milhouse van Houten


Milhouse and Ralph are quite similar. Aside from looking for his 2×2 tile, feel for his head which is more elongated and has bumps.

Chief Wiggum


Feel for the Chief’s night stick or baton and his megaphone.



Look for his club and large round ears.

Bart Simpson


Spot his skateboard which is quite large and hard to miss. Feel the wheels to confirm.