Lego Minifigures Series 8 – How to feel them + Bump Codes

Lego Minifigures Series 8 is awesome!

Bump Codes: 2 Dots

Alien Villainess


Feel for his large head and ray gun.


Bump Codes: 3 Dots




Look for the newspaper tile and rectangular briefcase.



Look for his sack and hat.

Downhill Skier


Feel for the skis.

Evil Robot


Feel for his helmet which is bigger than any other helmet in the series. Look for the laser to confirm.



Bump Codes: 4 Dots





Look for her plastic fairy wings and her thin flimsy wand.

Red Cheerleader


Look for the large pompoms.



Feel for his hat and sword which has a small bump in the end. Don’t confuse it with the Pirate Captain’s sword.

Lederhosen Guy


Look for the pretzel.

Pirate Captain


Feel for his pointy sword and hat.



Look for the record and the square tile.



Feel for the soft lasso and the loop.




Bump Codes: 5 Dots






Look for his large head piece and the round portal in front of it. Feel the harpoon to confirm.

Football Player


Look for the trophy and the helmet.





Bump Codes: 6 Dots







Look for 2 head in its packet.