Lego Minifigures Series 5 – How to feel them + Bump Codes

Lego Minifigures Series 5 is awesome!

Bump Codes: 2 Dots



He’s the only minifigure with a 2×2 tile certificate. Check for the graduation cap to confirm. It is square with one corner different for the tassel and a little bump in the center.

Lizard Man


Feel for the lizard’s helmet with nose and its tail.


Bump Codes: 3 Dots




Feel for the helmet that is pointy at the top. Look for his sword and shield with a little round part at the center.



The Zookeeper is the only minifugure with a ponytail hair. You may also look for the monkey and banana to confirm.



The fish and the fishing pole are easy to find. You may also look for the hood in his parka.



The club is easy to find. Feel for her rubber hair and the bone too.

Fitness Instructor


Feel for her long huge hair and the boom box, a large tile with handle on top.

Egyptian Queen


Feel for her huge wedge dress and snake.



Feel for the helmet, there is a ridge around the top which makes it different from other hats/helmets in the series. Feel for the gloves too.



Bump Codes: 4 Dots





His hat has brims in the front and back but not on the sides. Look for the magnifying glass to confirm.



The only baseball cap in the series. Make sure to feel the axe from the handle to the top and make sure it’s not the Evil Dwarf’s axe.

Snowboarder Guy


The snowboard is a dead giveaway.

Evil Dwarf


Feel for his huge winged helmet, 3-piece axe and the round shield which is smooth in the front.

Royal Guard


Feel for the huge hat and the rifle.



Feel for the violin case, thick-brimmed gangster hat and the small pistol.

Small Clown


Look for his small hat with narrow brim. Feel for his pie with jagged edge. Take note, his legs won’t bend.