Lego Minifigures Series 12 – How to feel them all + Bump Codes


Lego Minifigures Series 12 is awesome!



Bump Codes: 2 Dots



Pizza Delivery Man


Look for his hat, a 2×2 pizza box, and the pizza.


Bump Codes: 3 Dots



Feel for his life-board and binoculars.

Genie Girl


Look for her lamp and her fish-like tail. You may feel her long straight hair too.

Video Game Guy


Look for his 1×2 tile controller and the headphones attached to his hair.



Look for his odd-shaped hat and an axe.

Spooky Girl


Look for her teddy bear and feel her soft hair.

Fairytale Princess


Look for her pointy hat with her hair attached, skirt piece and frog.

Dino Tracker


Feel for the syringe and bow. She also has a long straight hair (same with genie girl).

Space Miner


He has a bulky packet that make him easier to find. Feel for his chest piece, helmet and gun.

Bump Codes: 4 Dots

Piggy Guy


Feel the pig’s head, 2 ears and the apple.



Look for his hat and the pointy end of his sword.



Don’t confuse his hat with the Fairytale Princess’ hat. Look for his staff to confirm.



Feel for his hair and guitar.

Battle Goddess


Look for her Roman-style hat with her hair attached, her smooth round shield and spear.



The Jester has 2 1×2 tiles in his hands (cards) and a hat that has 2 points.

Hun Warrior


Look for the sword, hat and shield. The shield has a lump in the middle.