Lego Minifigures Series 11 – How to feel them + Bump Codes

Lego Minifigures Series 11 is awesome!


Bump Codes: 2 Dots




Look for his baton. You can also try feeling for his bobby hat which has an elongated brim at the back and front.

Island Warrior


Feel for the mask which is squidgy. Look for the bone and spear to confirm.



Look for the Yeti’s large head with fur ridges. Check the ice lollipop to confirm.



Look for his 2 bottles (flasks).



Bump Codes: 3 Dots



Pretzel Girl


Feel for her hair that is made of rubber and of course, her pretzel.

Holiday Elf


Locate the red 2×2 brick, bear and pointy hat.

Diner Waitress


The tray is distinctive to this figure. Look for it.

Lady Robot


Feel for her sqaure head.

Evil Mech


Feel for his large chunky armor. Look for his gun to confirm.

Gingerbread Man


Feel for the round head and the mug.

Saxophone Player


Look for his saxophone. Be careful not to confuse his hat with the Scarecrow’s hat.




Bump Codes: 4 Dots






Feel for the basket which is quite squishy. You can also look for the cat.



Look for his mask which has a very distinct shape or his gas cylinder which is the only 1×1 round brick in this series.



This is easy. Look for his pitchfork.





Bump Codes: 5 Dots







Look for his two swords.

Mountain Climber


Feel for the pick axe and rope (doesn’t have a bar in the center like the pretzel).